Piece Management Inc.

Our Team

PMI’s hallmark is the broad depth of our team’s experience. Founded in 1985, our reputation is based on convenience, communication and commitment, which translates to quality, consistency and reliability.  With an average of 20 years in the construction industry, our staff knows how to get the job done successfully. PMI also offers the benefit of a team that shares a history of working together as the majority of our senior management has been with the company for at least 10 years.

Michael R. Sumersille, President and Co-founder

Mr. Sumersille has over 25 years of extensive facilities management, renovation and construction experience.  As President, his role encompasses Chief Financial and Operations Officer. During his career, Mr. Sumersille has held principal positions with Aramark Food Services and McDonald’s Corporation, which sparked the entrepreneurial journey leading to the start-up of Centerpiece Contracting Inc., evolving to PMI. These experiences helped build the foundation of Piece Management’s Client-Sensitive Culture. His vision of a multi-faceted facilities management firm with many trades under the direction of experienced managers led to the founding of the company.

Douglas Pomerantz – Executive Vice President and Co-founder

Mr. Pomerantz’s career began as a Senior Mechanical Engineer, in the aerospace industry with Grumman Aerospace. With twenty years experience, Mr. Pomerantz has supervised a multitude of projects, including new construction, renovations, restorations, conversions and modernizations for a variety of commercial, medical, hotel, institutional and entertainment facilities. He oversees all aspects of department operations, including the estimate pricing of trade and associated unit categories. Mr. Pomerantz is involved with a project from the conceptual stage through design development to completion. He shares the vision of a multi-faceted facilities management firm and works extensively in the field.